How Long Do you Really Need to Wait Between Applying Skin-Care Products?

How Long Do you Really Need to Wait Between Applying Skin-Care Products?

A question as old as time… well not really, but you know what
we mean. The long-standing debate: Does each product need time to
absorb? We have the answers!

We all want to get the most out of our (usually expensive)
skincare products. So you’ve probably wondered about the timing
of your skincare routine, specifically how long to wait between
applying each product. Why does ‘getting the most of your
products’ and ‘waiting between products’ go hand and hand?
Let’s go over that first.

Why does waiting between products matter?

Because you can’t just slap on one product after another
without letting them soak in. Skincare and the ingredients in them
need time to penetrate the skin. With all different molecule sizes,
it’s also important that you do your skincare routine from
smallest to largest molecular size and wait in between each
application to ensure maximum skin penetration and

If you don’t know what order you should be putting your
skincare products on, click here!

So how long do you wait?

There is no one-size-fits-all, but a majority of the experts
agrees that you should wait for each product to fully dry before
moving onto the next step. So this means waiting seconds or
minutes, depending on the product. So yay! No need to set a timer
or even counting in your head. Just make sure it feels like the
product has been fully absorbed into the skin (about 30-60 seconds)
before applying another layer of skincare goodness.

There are two products, in particular, where the waiting rule is
super important. The first is sunscreen. When mixed with other
products, sunscreen becomes diluted and not as effective. Because
of this, sunscreen needs to be your absolute last step in your
skincare routine. If you’re applying makeup afterward, you’ll
need to wait a couple minutes to ensure full protection. The second
product is acne treatment. With acne treatments, you need to let
the active ingredients sit for a minute before applying creams over

The bottom line

So there you have it! Don’t worry about setting a timer, just
wait until it dries. And remember, layering your products in the
right order is just (if not more) as important.

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