Arm Workout Without Weights

Arm Workout Without Weights

Gouthro from Paleohacks
 is joining us today to offer tips for
bodyweight-focused arm workouts. Enjoy, everyone.

Do you ever have those days when you want a good arm workout,
but you don’t have any workout equipment?

Curls, presses, tricep kickbacks, and rows are all great for
your arms if you’re at the gym with plenty of dumbbells, barbells
and cable machines. But what about those days that you just can’t
make it to the gym—or simply don’t want to?

Luckily, I’m here to prove to you that a good bodyweight
workout is just as
good as what you can get at the gym
. The best part is, you
don’t need anything other than yourself and just 15 minutes at a
time to sculpt and tone your arms into incredible shape.

The top three muscle groups we want to focus on when
working on our arms are:

  • Triceps: Our largest muscle group of the arm,
    located on the back of the upper arm. Its function is to extend the
    elbow joint (straighten your arm).
  • Biceps: The muscle in the front of our upper
    arm that flexes the elbow joint to bring the forearm towards the
    upper arm (bend your arm).
  • Shoulders: The muscle primarily targeted in
    shoulder development is the deltoid. This muscle is responsible for
    both raising and lowering of the arm as well as overhead pressing

This bodyweight workout focuses on these three muscle
groups, helping you form a balanced strengthening

The result of this workout is going to be sleek, defined,
strong-looking arms, but even better, you will be gaining real,
functional strength at the same time.

Here’s how to do this 15-minute arm

  • Spend 1 minute on each of the five exercises,
    repeating the circuit three times without breaks
    between rounds.
  • Beginner (30:30): Follow 30 seconds of work
    with 30 seconds of rest. (If you need even more rest, you can take
    it. Good form is always more important than sticking to time!)
  • Advanced (45:15): Follow 45 seconds of work
    with 15 seconds of rest (Just enough time for a few deep breaths
    and setting yourself up for the next exercise.)

Diamond Push-Up

This triceps move also shapes your chest, shoulders and core for
a full-body functional exercise.

In a push-up position, bring your hands to touching, forming a
diamond shape with fingers and thumbs.

Tighten your core, and ensure that your body is in a straight
line from shoulders to feet.

Bend your elbows to lower your chest towards your hands.

Stop when you are about four inches away from the floor, then
press your palms down into the ground to rise back up to the

Keep your elbows close to your body as you lower and lift to put
the focus on the arms and shoulders.

Tricep Wing-Backs

This exercise is surprisingly challenging when done with focus
and intention.

Get into a low squat, with your knees bent and back

Lift your arms up behind you like you’re reaching for the back
wall. Spread your fingers and flex your arms all the way

On an inhale, bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle, making sure
to keep your arms up high. Focus on flexing your bicep muscles.

Exhale to extend your arms straight again, flexing your

With each rep, focus on contracting your muscles.

Single Leg Pike Push-Ups

This just might be the hardest shoulder press you’ve ever

Start in downward-facing dog position, on your hands and toes
with your hips in
the air
. Make sure your hands are at least shoulder-width

Lift one leg up high in the air, pointing your toes towards the

Inhale to bend your elbows, lowering your forehead towards the
ground between your hands.

Exhale to press your palms down into the ground to lift back up
to straight arms.

Lower your leg back down and immediately lift your right

Continue to do the same push-up move, alternating lifts of each
leg for the allotted work time interval.

NOTE: Single Leg Pike Push-Up is a challenging
move that requires upper body strength and balance. If you cannot
do it with good form or do not feel comfortable doing it, do
push-ups (or modified push-ups on your knees) instead.

Regular Push-Up

Put feet about shoulder width apart with toes touching the
ground. Put hands alongside chest and spread your fingers. Begin to
push up, keeping elbows close to the body.

Take some of the work off the wrists by making your fingers
“grip” the floor as you push up.

Modified Push-Up

A modification of the traditional push-up that lessens the
weight on the upper body. Follow the same routine as the
traditional push-up, but use your knees as the point of your lower
body touching the floor (instead of the toes).

Extend upward just as you do in a traditional push-up.

Superman Lift-Off

This move tones your shoulders and arms while also strengthening
your lower back.

Lie belly down on the ground with arms and legs extended

Take a big breath in, then on the exhale, lift your arms and
legs off the ground like Superman.

Inhale to lower back to the starting point.

Repeat this lifting and lowering, following the pace of your

Downdog Ankle Tap Twists

This shoulder and tricep blaster is also a great spine-lengthening

Start in a downdog position with hands and feet shoulder-width

Exhale, and reach your right hand towards the outside of your
left ankle to tap it.

Inhale to come back to downdog, then alternate and do the same
on the other side.

Continue alternating left and right, one move per breath.

Congratulations! In just 15 minutes, and with no
equipment, you have worked your arms in the best way

You may feel sore tomorrow, so give those arms a rest and allow
at least 24-48 hours recovery before tackling this workout

For best results, I recommend incorporating this workout into
your routine two to three times per week, spaced apart to allow for

Thanks again to Jessica
for today’s tips. Be sure to check out Jessica’s
other workout lineups on MDA:“13
Ways To Move More At Work”
 and “10
Moves To Help Ease Joint Pain.”

Questions or comments about bodyweight exercises or arm
strength? Share them below, and thanks for stopping by.

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Workout Without Weights
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