15 Easy One-Pot Keto Recipes

15 Easy One-Pot Keto Recipes

Thanks to Paleohacks for today’s awesome
keto recipe roundup!

Following the keto diet is a snap with these easy, one-pot

Skip the complicated recipes and keep dirty dishes to a minimum
with these nourishing
and delicious keto meals
that are anything but boring. Think
egg roll in a bowl with ground pork and plenty of deliciously
stir-fried veggies, or whip up a quick pesto chicken for a simple
Italian-inspired dinner. You can even update the classics with
ultra-creamy tuna zoodle casserole.

Whatever you choose, there will be no
slaving over a pot
. We promise.

#1 Peace, Love and Low Carb |
Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl

In need of a simple, one-pot stir-fry? This recipe will do the
trick. Rife with veggies like onions and cabbage, this stir-fry
gets its sweet and savory flavor from ginger, coconut aminos and
rice vinegar. Add some spice with diet-compliant Sriracha or
garlic-chili sauce.

#2 Paleo Scaleo | Chicken
Bacon Ranch Casserole

Chicken, bacon and ranch are a winning combination, especially
when prepared in a super-simple cauliflower rice-based casserole.
Just be sure to use a diet-compliant ranch dressing!

#3 The Healthy Foodie |
Creamy Cauliflower and Ground Beef Skillet

Ready for some soul food? Enjoy this hearty, creamy skillet
packed with riced cauliflower, ground beef and eggs. The savory
skillet works for any meal of the day, and gets its creamy texture
from a blend of Paleo mayonnaise, sunflower seed butter, ghee and
plenty of seasonings.

#4 That’s Low Carb?! |
Low Carb Bacon Asparagus Breakfast Casserole

This eggy breakfast casserole is chock full of veggies like
asparagus, celery and mushrooms. Simply mix everything together,
pour into a casserole dish, and bake!

#5 The Nourished Caveman | Creamy
Shrimp and Bacon Skillet

This bevy of seafood is made ultra-rich thanks to the addition
of bacon, mushrooms and coconut cream. Feel free to serve this
skillet as is or on a bed of zucchini noodles for a “shrimp
scampi”-type dinner.

#6 PaleoHacks | Keto
Turkey and Egg Breakfast Skillet

A hearty and sustaining breakfast is the best kind of breakfast,
and this five-ingredient, super simple turkey and egg breakfast
skillet fits the bill.

#7 Julia’s Album | One-Pan
Pesto Chicken and Veggies

Everyone needs a go-to chicken and veggie recipe that’s
completely foolproof. This simple and quick meal coats tender
morsels of chicken and bright vegetables like tomatoes and
asparagus with zippy pesto. It all comes together in 20 minutes,
give or take.

#8 Paleo Plan |
Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

Irresistibly hearty and rich shepherd’s pie is usually made
with mashed potatoes, but that’s definitely not keto-friendly.
This recipe channels the same starchy deliciousness using mashed
parsnips instead, dolloped over a well-seasoned layer of ground
turkey and veggies. Yum!

#9 Cotter Crunch | Jalapeño
Shrimp Veggie Bake

This spicy, creamy shrimp and veggie bake is a flavor explosion.
Succulent shrimp joins tender veggies like tomato, squash, onion
and jalapeño in a creamy sauce. The addition of a gluten-free,
grain-free flour option keeps things crispy and crunchy after a
trip to the oven.

#10 Grass Fed Girl |
Low Carb Hamburger Casserole

Ground beef and cauliflower are the base of this keto-friendly
hamburger casserole. Spices like cumin, paprika and oregano add
depth, while coconut milk (or cream) lends a silky mouthfeel.
Finish with sliced almonds for crunch.

#11 PureWow |
One-Pan Roasted Chicken with Carrots

Cheap, colorful, healthy, filling and flavorful, this meal ticks
all the right boxes. Oven-roasted chicken thighs rest atop a bed of
roasted rainbow carrots and garlic and seasoned with fresh

#12 Paleo Scaleo | Paleo
Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Get all the flavor of a Buffalo wing with none of the guilt in
this one-pot, keto-friendly buffalo chicken casserole. Cauliflower,
celery and carrots combine with shredded chicken, hot sauce and
homemade mayonnaise for an ultra-rich but still good for you

#13 PaleoHacks | Grain-Free Taco

Give taco night a keto makeover with this grain-free casserole.
Spaghetti squash gets topped with ground beef and fresh veggies
like tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and guacamole for all the fresh
Mexican flavors you crave!

#14 Keto Karma | Keto
Slow Cooker Chili

Slow cooker meals are the ultimate in one-pot recipes. This
super simple beef and sausage chili simmers with peppers, onions
and tomatoes for a rich dinner that requires only 15 minutes of

#15 Cotter Crunch |
Tuna Green Chile Zoodle Casserole

Do you love a good, classic tuna noodle casserole? Give it a
keto makeover by nixing the grain-filled noodles for fresh, vibrant
zucchini noodles. Pair it with sustainably caught, low-mercury
canned tuna and you’re in for a real treat!

Thanks again to Paleohacks today. Do you have
easy keto favorites to share—or questions about Primal/keto
cooking? Share them below, and have a great week.

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Easy One-Pot Keto Recipes
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