How to Evolve Your Skincare Routine as you Age

How to Evolve Your Skincare Routine as you Age

aging skin

There’s so much information out there, it’s hard to know
what skincare products and treatment to start and when. Here we go
over aging skin: what’s going on with your skin in your 20s, 30,
40s, and 50s, and how to cater to our ever changing skin.


In our 20s anti-aging isn’t usually the first thing on our
minds, and rightfully so. You have plenty of collagen to keep your
skin plump, healthy and glowing. However, even though your skin may
be at it’s best yet, its already starting to age. Beginning at
age 20, your skin losses 1% of collagen per year. Crazy, I know. By
your mid-twenties, your skins cell turnover starts to slow, meaning
that dead skin cells build up and your skin is prone to
pigmentation. By your late-twenties, you may already start to
notice some fine lines and wrinkles. Our advice? Focus on keeping
your skin hydrated protected, and exfoliated. Use a hydrating serum
and sunscreen every single day, and use some sort of chemical or
physical exfoliant 2-3 times a week. Ideally, you should also start
to use a Retinol by your late-twenties.


In our 30s your skins natural cell turnover starts to slow even
more. The process of desquamation, meaning it sheds dead skin cells
on a regular basis, slows and our skin can start to look dull, dry,
and lifeless. It is more prone to acne and enlarged pores. This is
also the time that fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear more
prominent. This is largely due to sun exposer, gravity and volume
loss from the facial fat pads. Our advice? 100% start using a
Retinol is you are not already. This will help combat the fine
lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and also help with tone and
texture. An addition to this, eye cream and a weekly “peel” are
recommended. As for the “peep”, look for products that contain
AHAs. Products with Glycolic or Sulfur also help to deep clean
pores, reboot cell turnover, and leave skin looking clearer and


At 40, fines lines have permanently etched themselves into the
skin, sunspots will be more visible and the loss of facial volume
will make the face look saggier and less youthful. At this point,
you’ll need to really rev up your routine. Our advice?
Definitely, use that retinol every night. You should also
incorporate a Vitamin C serum if you haven’t already. This will
restore that glowy and bright look to your skin. A powerful
moisturizer is also needed. As we age, our skin drys out and this
accentuates wrinkles like a magnifying glass. Get on a medical
grade moisturizer as opposed to just an ordinary one.

At this point, you should have already been coming in for
regular facials to hold all your at-home work together. However,
when you hit your 40’s you should step those professional
treatments up a bit. Chemical
, microneedling,
, and pixel
are all amazing treatments that help to stimulate
collagen (just depends on your skin concerns and how much downtime
your willing to have).


At the age of 50, women’s estrogen levels drop steeply and
every organ (including your skin) is affected. Elastin and collagen
production slow considerably, cell turnover becomes sluggish, sebum
production decreases, and facial fat is effected. Aging sounds fun,
right? Our advice? Remember that no product is a miracle worker and
nothing will stop the aging process. But, you can still age
gracefully. Building upon your routine from your 30s and 40s will
help to keep those wrinkles as softened as possible, your skin
bright and exfoliated and collagen stimulated. If you haven’t
already, Botox
and fillers are also an amazing tool to combat facial loss and


Each decade presents a new skin challenge, which is why its so
important to change your routine up accordingly. But we’re were
every step of the way to help!

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