How to Treat Red · Sensitive and Rosacea-Prone Skin

How to Treat Red, Sensitive and Rosacea-Prone Skin

Struggling with sensitive skin that’s prone to redness and
rosacea? You’re not alone. According to the National Rosacea
Society, an estimated 415 million people struggle with it. You
probably have a million questions, and we totally get that.
However, unfortunately, Rosacea is still kind of a mystery in the
skin world. We don’t know the main cause of it, other than the
fact that people that have it obtain increased levels of
inflammatory proteins called cathelicidins in their skin. We
definitely know Rosacea is genetic but environmental and lifestyle
factors absolutely play a role too.

So how can you help it? Here we’ll share some tips on how to
address redness and take care of your skin if you have this

Skincare Tips If You Are Prone to Rosacea

1. Don’t be afraid to use skincare

It can be intimidating to uses certain skincare products because
of the fear of irrigation and flare-ups. But you’ll have to do
more than cleanse and moisturize in order to actually help the
condition. Products that will reduce the inflammation, fight
free-radical damage and boost collagen production all should be in
your routine. Calming ingredients like Aloe will help inflammation,
vitamin C will protect you from free-radical damage, and
time-released retinol will product collagen production and help to
reduce redness. Also, a little pro-tip, products with high levels
of Zinc covered and reduces redness like a charm! So look for
products like that!

2. Watch out for Skin Irritants

This seems like a given, but some flare-up triggers are not as
obvious as you think. Here is a list of things that could be
irritating your Rosacea:

Rosacea triggers

3. Use Sunscreen Religiously

Sunscreen use is non-negotiable. Not only is it THE most
important thing you can do for yourself anti-aging wise, but it can
also help keep your Rosacea under control. The pathogenesis of
rosacea may not be fully understood yet, but we know that
cumulative sun damage plays a role. Therefore, sunscreen use helps
prevent flare-ups. Pro-tip: Sensitive skin people tend to like
Mineral sunscreens as opposed to chemical sunscreen because of its
high Zinc levels. (If you don’t know the difference between
chemical and mineral sunscreens,
click here

Products we Recommend to people with Rosacea:

All products are available at our office.

1. Revision Gentle Cleanser 0r Papaya Cleanser
2. SkinBetter EvenTone
3. Revision DEJ eye cream (caffeine free eye cream)
4. SkinBetter AlphaRet (time-release, gentle retinol)
5. SkinBetter AltoDefense
6. Revision Intellishade TruPhysyical

For More Information:

For more information about Rosacea, please contact us
at ZONA Med Spa.
Or book a complimentary consultation online by clicking here.

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