Primal Health Chef: Using Food For Health

Primal Health Chef: Using Food For Health

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I’m a Certified Executive Chef by the American
Culinary Federation. I have about 20 years of experience in the

During my training as a Chef and years working in kitchens for
all kinds of outlets (Restaurants, Hotels, Employee Cafeterias,
Dining Services of Universities), I learned and then implemented
the knowledge that a balanced nutritional plate is supposed to have
3 components: a protein, a vegetable and a starch, and how to
control the amount of fat used to produce this plate.

I moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Columbus, Ohio, USA, to
finish my Chef training. The possibilities of success here were
much better, so my wife and I decided to make it our place to grow
our family.

After several years working
in a great restaurant, I started to have episodes of headaches that
would end with me throwing up and having to leave work.

This would happen at least once a week. I ended up going to the
doctor and found out that I had very high blood pressure (180/150
mm Hg), so the doctor started me on BP medicine. My BP was under
control for several years until one of my yearly visits to the
doctor. After my vital signs were taken and the blood work came
back, the doctor told me that he needed to increase my BP
medication and that I had become pre-diabetic. He said that in the
next visit he would probably have to prescribe some diabetes
medicine to me. I refused to believe that I was becoming a diabetic
person and have never been very friendly to take drugs, so I asked
the doctor if I had any other ways to turn this around. His
answer was that all of this was hereditary and there was nothing
else I could do about it.

I decided to look for a second opinion. I was lucky to find a
functional doctor. Before the visit, there was a questionnaire. I
remember that one of the questions was something like “write down
what your goal is for when you retire.” That made me realize that
I really wanted to be able to see my kids graduate from college,
get married, have kids, and be around when my grandkids graduate
from college. Considering that my kids were still in elementary
school at this time, I had to stay healthy for a long time.

This new doctor presented me with an elimination diet that I
started the same day I was inspired by the question from the
questionnaire. At the end of my visits I was presented with the
Paleo Lifestyle, which (without knowing) I always had a sense was
the right thing to do. After about a year, I was almost out
of the BP medicine and had lost 30 lbs. I also never had to talk
about diabetes as my blood work was pretty good—until I left a
job of 7 years and let myself go back on eating grains and sugars
while looking for a new job.
When I went back to the
doctor for my yearly check up, my blood work results came back as
the worst I ever had. It only took 6 months to reverse all the good
this lifestyle has done on myself. I realized that I had done
wrong, and started back with even a stronger belief that the right
thing was to avoid all grains, legumes and sugars. After 3 months
my blood work was back to almost perfect.

About this time I started
listening to the
Primal Blueprint Podcast
(it was sometime before the launch of
The Keto Reset Diet. I had
read The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat from Robb Wolf, but had
never read anything from Mark Sisson. I really liked Mark’s
approach and also liked the podcast. Something about it started
making me think about wanting to help others to improve their
health, so after doing some research on the different coaching
programs that existed at that time, not too many, I decided that
the Primal Health Coach
was the best option. Now I’m a certified PHC. So
far I had only one client that requested a menu with easy recipes
to be able to follow the program.

As I’m a Chef who has been training young students in
University environments as new kitchen employees—and being aware
that most people in the States don’t know how to cook and are
afraid to be in their kitchens—I decided that my best
option is to help people to be re-introduced to their kitchens,
creating simple recipes and teaching them how to cook.

As we believe that 80% of our health is what we eat I strongly
believe that everyone needs to learn the kitchen basics to be able
to cook and better understand how to make special requests in
restaurants when eating out, eventually making an educated decision
when picking a restaurant.

My motto is:
Food for Health
Because you are worth it

I still love cooking and I have a project that is on the
final stages of a loan application to build a Primal Food Truck in
Columbus Ohio.
I’m hoping to have it ready for Spring
2019 to start the Food Truck season here in Columbus. The name will
be PH Chef, PH has to do with Primal Health and also to ph balance
as I relate that to the balance food gives you when you eat

I’m sharing with you the menu that I’m planning to start
with, probably with some changes as I have time to keep playing
with food.


Baked Egg on Avocado
Pork Belly and Avocado Dressing


Romaine Heart
Big Ass Salad
Jicama Slaw

Proteins (all grass-fed, pasture-raised or

Kombucha Smoked Pulled Pork
Pulled Braised Beef
Pulled Roasted Chicken
Baked Sockeye Salmon


Braised Red Cabbage
Sweet Potato Hash
Smashed Cauliflower
Buttered Green Asparagus


Mate and Hibiscus Kombucha
Mate Cocido
Bone Broth
Fresh Water

My website is

Joel Linik

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Primal Health Chef: Using Food For Health
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