I’m Able To Train Harder and Recover Better

I’m Able To Train Harder and Recover Better

It’s Monday, everyone! And that means another
Primal Blueprint Real Life Story
from a Mark’s Daily Apple
reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share
it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me
I’ll continue to publish these each Monday as long as they keep
coming in. Thank you for reading!

My Primal Story begins with myself
being an athlete most of my life. I am 37-years-old, have had 4
back surgeries, and currently consider myself an endurance runner.
I only began running in 2012. As I have increased my mileage and
ability, my body has changed. I never used to think about my diet
and how it affects my health.

Recently, I mean this past November 2016, I knew I needed to
make a change. I was always in GI distress during and after my
longer races or harder efforts of training runs or shorter races. I
was referred to the Primal Diet by a friend and it all began making

After implementing these methods, the change was remarkable.
After three weeks, my body responded very well. I was able to
recover sooner (zero ibuprofen when I used to take it a few times a
week) after my long runs or races. My GI distress disappeared…I
mean gone! My skin cleared up where I used to have minor blemishes
on my face and back. I dropped 8 lbs—173 to 165. That doesn’t
seem like much, but I didn’t have a lot to lose and my goal was
not to lose weight. It was mainly, in my opinion, bloating, water
retention, and a general cleansing of my system that lost me the 8

I am able to train harder, recover better, and my energy levels
are through the roof. I am so pleased with my transformation that I
find it very hard to even think about “cheating” with my diet
and really do not have an urge to anyway. I don’t take a lot of
photos or use social media that much, but attached are a couple of
photos. Again, my transformation is not that much in the physical
appearance category, but overall health in general. I am the guy in
the green shirt in the picture on the bridge. The other picture is
of my daughter and myself before our daddy daughter dance.

Thank you,

Jason G.

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I’m Able To Train Harder and Recover Better
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