Focusing On My Gut Health Has Transformed My Life

Focusing On My Gut Health Has Transformed My Life

It’s Monday, everyone! And that means another
Primal Blueprint Real Life Story
from a Mark’s Daily Apple
reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share
it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me
I’ll continue to publish these each Monday as long as they keep
coming in. Thank you for reading!

I am so excited to share my story
with you, and I hope you enjoy reading it! I have always been the
health researcher, fitness enthusiast and nutrition-focused one in
my family. My whole life I followed the “healthy
diet”—low fat, whole grain, lots of fruit, etc.
I did
research in nutrition as an undergraduate at the University of
Maryland, and published a paper in dental school on the dangers of
BPA. I have always been investigative and wanting to know the truth
behind what is told.

It was during my second year in dental school when my good
friend and colleague, Jake, introduced me to CrossFit and the paleo
lifestyle. After a workout he said, “OK I’m off to eat half a
dozen eggs!” He recalls the look I shot him was one of disbelief
and disgust. Shocked was an understatement. “EAT SIX EGG
YOLKS!?!?! Have you lost your mind, Jake, seriously, all that
cholesterol!” I am sure he tried to reason with me, but I was so
skeptical. So that night, I’m sitting in my apartment
studying, and Jake sends me a link to It
was the first paleo blog I ever read, and is still my go-to
I remember that I got so caught up reading that I
got less studying done, but it was one of those monumental life
shifts for which I will always be grateful.

However, I did not immediately jump to 100% strict paleo in
2010. I chose to eat mostly whole foods, but would eat gluten and
wheat a few times a week, which I considered balanced. I had
graduated from dental school, and I was practicing dentistry in a
small boutique, traditional dental office. I was placing and
removing significant amounts of amalgam fillings. I had also gotten
married, moved in with my husband, and we had bought a house. The
emotional, financial, and physical stress I could handle had
surpassed my threshold, and in 2015 I became very sick.

After months of bloody stools, running to the bathroom for the
tenth time in one day, I finally got over my denial and went to a
GI doctor. A colonoscopy confirmed that at age 27, I had
ulcerative colitis.
My doctor proceeded to
recommend that I start six medications. One of them had a chance of
landing me in the hospital for months from internal organ swelling.
He also said that I had an 80% chance of needing surgery in my
I looked at him, and said, “Well, wait, what
if I change my diet?” His response, “No, changing your diet
won’t do anything. All your large intestine does is reabsorb
water.” I just stared at him in disbelief. I worked at the
opposite end of the body, but even I knew that your gut housed your
immune system, and did WAY more than just absorb water!

I refused to let a bunch of drugs and surgery be my
I was not going to let anybody put me in a box. I
was determined to find another way. And I did. I went 100% paleo,
even focused on AIP for a few months. Within 2 weeks of
transitioning to a whole-food, gluten-free diet, I came out of my
terrible flare and have not had one since.

Getting a grip on my UC symptoms was a miracle, but I
still had a long way to go with my healing. I was still sick,
malnourished, fatigued all the time, had amenorrhea, couldn’t
exercise, always wanted to rest, became socially anxious,
I saw multiple doctors from 2015-2016, even getting
into National Institute for Health in Bethesda, MD. The top
endocrinologists and fertility specialists in the world looked at
tens of thousands of dollars of tests, and told me I was the
“healthiest unhealthy person we have ever met” and “they
didn’t know what was wrong with me” and to “just go back on
birth control to make sure you don’t develop osteoporosis.” I
refused. I was determined to get to the root cause of my health

I finally found Jessica Flanigan. I did not
understand why my Candida antibodies were so high, since I was not
eating sugar. I asked Jessica this during one of our appointments,
and she said, “Well you know, Mercury feeds off of Candida.”
The lectures at dental school had reported that amalgam was safe,
and that the mercury becomes “inactivated” once you burnish it.
Jessica proceeded to give me information on biologic dentistry
through the IAOMT and IABDM. I felt like a precious secret had just
been revealed to me, one that I knew was going to change my life
forever. I discovered that conventional dentistry was not safe. In
fact, mercury is one of the most dangerous neurotoxins on this
planet. I still wonder if mercury was the environmental trigger for
the UC diagnosis. On Mark’s Daily Apple, you talk about the
dangers of amalgam fillings. My functional medicine doctor,
as well as Chris Shade from Quicksilver Scientific, confirmed my
mercury poisoning. In addition, my functional doctor diagnosed
hypothyroidism, HPA-axis dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, chronic
infection, certain genetic snps, and more.

I felt terribly guilty that I had placed amalgam and unsafely
removed amalgam fillings in patients. As a doctor you take an oath
to do no harm. It was impossible for me to continue working in a
conventional office after seeing how damaging mercury was to my
health and to my patients’ health. As quickly as
possible, I moved from a conventional office to a biologic dental
In 2016 I pursued additional degrees, graduating
from American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry with
certifications in Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine (IBDM), and
as a naturopathic physician (NMD) in 2017. Since working
with my functional practitioners, and getting into a safer working
environment I am well on my way to being healed from a long list of

I have been so moved and
transformed by my journey, that I am launching my business as a
functional dental and holistic health practitioner consulting with
patients who have not been able to find healing through
conventional medicine.
I focus on using the latest
research and scientific protocols to help my clients heal
autoimmune conditions, adrenal dysfunction, diving in deep to the
microbiome, and the oral-systemic connection at
The gut is the largest organ with multiple common insults that can
lead to dysfunction. Normalization of the gut results in the most
effective clinical outcomes across all disease states, which is why
I am focusing on the gut, head to tail. Focusing on my gut
health has transformed my life
, and I am back to my
energetic bubbly self, sharing my knowledge, helping my friends and
family, exercising, socializing, and enjoying every moment of our
beautiful world.

I often think back to that day that Jake introduced me to paleo,
and how God blessed me with information on where to go for the
truth. My sickness and my journey have been an absolute gift, for I
would not be where I am without these difficult experiences. My
mission is to help as many people as possible overcome what appears
to be impossible, as I have overcome it. Thank you, Mark and
Mark’s Daily Apple for being a cornerstone in my journey,
providing life-saving information, and for creating delicious whole
food products that keep us all living, loving, and enjoying life. I
am so hopeful and excited to see what our futures hold in shaping
the lives of our readers!

The readers featured in our success stories share their
experiences in their own words. The Primal Blueprint and Keto Reset
diets are not intended as medical intervention or diagnosis. Nor
are they replacements for working with a qualified healthcare
practitioner. It’s important to speak with your doctor before
beginning any new dietary or lifestyle program, and please consult
your physician before making any changes to medication or treatment
protocols. Each individual’s results may vary.


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Focusing On My Gut Health Has Transformed My Life
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