Sunday With Sisson 11.18.18

Sunday With Sisson 11.18.18

Hi, everyone. Hope you’re
enjoying your Sunday morning. For those of you accustomed to
receiving Sunday With Sisson in your inbox, I wanted to give you a
heads up that the team and I are making some changes (just
technical) with the newsletter and “Sunday With Sisson” for
just a few weeks. Some of you may notice some temporary
interruption in your email delivery from MDA. It’s all part of
upgrading our systems. Unfortunately, there’s never a good time
for these things.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting “Sunday With Sisson”
letters each Sunday on the blog until we’re back to our full
mailing capacity. Enjoy, and—as always—thanks for joining me

Good morning, everybody.

So, California is on fire. You’ve probably heard the stories
and seen the videos of people racing along burning highways to
escape. It’s unlike anything the state has ever seen.

I no longer live in Malibu, but I did for 25 years, and my
daughter Devyn has been living in our old Malibu house with her
boyfriend and three dogs.

She was in the house last week as fire raced down the valley
toward our home. They watched as it got closer and only left when
the flames finally reached our backyard, assuming they had more
time before it was upon them. They didn’t.

I was following along on live stream news from my place in
Miami. When I saw local L.A. reporters standing on the street below
our house with 30 foot flames roaring directly behind them, I
called and told her to get the hell out. Devyn had no idea because
the power and Internet were all cut. She and the dogs went to Santa
Monica; her boyfriend stayed in Malibu to protect our house
(successfully) and a few other friends’ homes in the area.

When I got confirmation that she was all right, I went to sleep.
I’m a worrier—as longtime readers will know—but I went to bed
with a clear mind, knowing that everyone was safe. Sure, I worried
about the house, which has been on the market for a few months and
contains 15 years of dearly held memories along with some lingering
belongings, but I was also totally at peace with whatever happened.
We’ve got insurance and houses are just stuff. The people who
live in the house and the memories we form there are what matters.
That sense of home doesn’t just disappear. It stays with you.

The house survived anyway, albeit with a fair amount of fire and
water damage to two sides of it. Two of our neighbors weren’t so
lucky and lost their homes entirely.

It’s interesting to me that just two weeks ago I was writing
about the importance of practicing gratitude. These events asserted
a real life reason why gratitude is so essential: life is
fragile—and it can be taken away at any moment. Even if you think
you have nothing, you have life, and the promise and opportunity
that represents.

Gratitude asks us to resist the temptation to judge the height
of our own fortune (or the depth of our misfortune) by comparison
with others. It’s self-referencing, which is the seat of its
power. So many things become possible when we operate from that

I’ve said before on the blog that Thanksgiving happens to be
my favorite holiday. This year I’ll be celebrating its message
more than ever.

Enjoy your Sunday, everybody, and a good holiday to you and



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With Sisson 11.18.18
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