How to Keep Skin Hydrated during the Winter

How to Keep Skin Hydrated during the Winter

4 Tips to Stay Glowy this Winterwinter skin

⁣Winter skin is a struggle. You leave the house feeling
moisturized and by lunch break, you feel drier than the desert we
live in. If it wasn’t tough enough to feel moisturized in Arizona
already, our cold season makes it even tougher. It’s easy to
point fingers at your current moisturizer for the skin woes, but be
sympathetic! Our skin is constantly fighting cold winds, dry skies,
and dry indoor heat. It’s most likely the environment, not the

In order to keep your skin hydrated longer during the cold
season, there are some small things you can integrate into your
skincare regimen and everyday routine to ensure glowy skin. The
tips below are a good start!

⁣1. Keep a hydrating mist at your desk or in your bag

Mists are a great way to get some hydration in without messing
up your makeup or taking time out of your day. You’ll want a mist
with hydrating properties such as antioxidants, coconut water,
lavender oil, or aloe vera.

We don’t carry a hydrating mist at ZONA, however, we would
recommend ColoreScience’s Hydrating Mist. It soothes the skin,
locks in makeup, and revitalizes your complexion throughout the

exfoliate⁣2. Exfoliate Regularly
(but don’t overdo it)

Creams and serums may not be working as well as they can if you
haven’t exfoliated in a bit. Removing those dead skin cells
clears the block up and allows your products to penetrate more
deeply; thus hydrating your skin better.⁣

Just be careful not to over-exfoliate! Your skin is already more
sensitive during these cold months and over-exfoliating can cause
inflammation, dry tight skin, flaking, or oily skin. If you already
have a go-to exfoliator, keep using that one but only twice a week.
If you don’t have an exfoliator, we highly recommend Skinbetter
Scrub Mask or Revision’s Finishing Touch. Both perfect for a good
physical scrub.

⁣3. Layer moisturizing products in the right order

Layering your skincare products in order helps for optimal
product absorption. For example, if you put a moisturizer on before
a serum, the heavy thick cream of the moisturizer would completely
block out the light liquid serum from ever absorbing. This is why a
good rule of thumb is to layer your products from thin-to-thick or

Almost all medical-grade products, even if they aren’t labeled
as hydrating, have moisturizing properties. Layering your product
ensures that you get the most out of all your products!

4. Get into skin-helping habitsskin loving habits

There are a couple of things that could be hurting your skin
without you even knowing. Taking long hot showers is one of them.
It can dry out your skin even more and worsen existing issues like
eczema. Try a lukewarm shower. Blasting your heat (not that
that’s totally necessary for Arizona) can also cause dryness.
Simply adding a humidifier is a quick and easy solution to wanting
to stay toasty but not hurt your skin.

⁣⁣For More Information:

For more information about Hydrating products, please contact us
at ZONA Med Spa.
Or book a complimentary consultation online by clicking here.

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