The Primal Worldview Changed My Life For the Better

The Primal Worldview Changed My Life For the Better

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another
Primal Blueprint Real Life Story
from a Mark’s Daily Apple
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Mark Sisson encourages you live a really enjoyable life. I did
not think it was difficult to stick to the Paleo Diet. I was 50. I
found Mark Sisson and Loren Cordain on YouTube. Soon I would be
buying cookbooks and enjoying my health. It sounded true to me and
I jumped on board.

I had been constipated for 40 years. Both my parents were
constipated their whole life. I had believed in All Bran and Raisin
Bran and healthy muffins. My mother taught me to bake bread in my
teens. What a joy, it could not be wrong. In high school an
instructor recommended “Diet for a Small Planet.” A few years
later in college I became a vegetarian. Many of my friends were
vegetarians. It was obvious that we did not need to kill innocent
animals and eat them. I ate beans and rice, tofu and vegetables,
peanut butter and beer.

Around five years after college I visited an acupuncturist for
muscle pains. He suggested that I eat meat and fish. So, for the
next 20 years I would primarily be vegetarian but would eat meat
and fish. About this time I would eat a breakfast cereal in the
morning, a sandwich and potato chips for lunch, and for dinner it
was often pasta followed by Ben and Jerry’s on the couch. Beer
and wine were being consumed for fun quite often. I did not think
that any of this was bad for my body. I ignored or made up
other reasons why I was constipated and having chronic

Chronic pain. I injured my knee skiing in my late 20s. No
surgery, only rehab. I thought it would heal. Knee pain lasted for
years. Wore a support on it for a long time. Got it needled by
acupuncturist. Took pain relief. Other chronic pain areas
developed, like both wrists and both elbows. Used supportive
strapping aids on these parts for years. It felt like the muscle
was pulling away from the bone. I figured it was my active
lifestyle and normal. I wasn’t sleeping that well, since I would
wake up with pain in the arms. The thought that my pain
came from food was never considered. It was misery. It went

I was changing my diet before The Paleo Diet. The first change
was dairy. I went dairy free to help my sinus issues. Then I tried
gluten free to help my sinus issues. Sugar was still off the radar,
as I was eating gluten free cookies, breads and pasta. I laughed
off my coffee and donut at 10 a.m. and M&Ms at 3 p.m. Years
went by. It was in 2013 that I changed.

It was one moment on YouTube. Then another. What do you
mean a Paleo diet?
Click, Click, Click. I went to and read what to eat on the Paleo diet.

Mark Sisson was thoughtful and understood what was going on.
I couldn’t get enough. Primal became my diet. I owned

I mainly started eating more vegetables. Breakfast had been
cereal and now became eggs, bacon and vegetables. Lunch went from
rice and beans to meat and vegetables. Dinner became big chicken

I became regular and have never turned back. I felt
great. Chronic pain went away.
My biggest worry had become
a hip that I thought would need replacement in the future. The
inflammation slowly went away. It seems to be fine.

Weeks before going Paleo I was planning on buying spray on salad
dressing to lesson the amount of oil. Now at 57, I happily use
Primal Kitchen® dressing and pour it on heavily. What a sea

I’m thankful that I am not addicted to sugar anymore.

I’m thankful for beautiful movement of Taoist Tai Chi.

I’m thankful for Eckhart Tolle for the awareness of gaps
between thought.

I’m thankful to Mark Sisson and the whole Paleo/Primal
worldview that changed my life for the better.

[Final photo] Six months later.

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The Primal Worldview Changed My Life For the Better
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