How Your Phone Could Be Damaging Your Skin

How Your Phone Could Be Damaging Your Skin

Blue Light phoneIs Blue-Light Bad for us?

⁣We all know that blue light can put some major strain on our
eyes, but can screens damage your skin too? Some research suggests
that our screen time could be causing premature signs of aging.

⁣What is Blue Light?

Lets go over what blue light is. Blue light, part of the
spectrum of visible light, is a high-energy, short-wavelength light
(not to be confused with UVA or UVB rays). A majority of blue light
comes from the sun, however we also get a significant amount of
exposure from our screens and indoor lighting.

Don’t get us wrong though, blue light isn’t all bad. Blue
light plays an important role in maintaining good health. How? It
regulates our circadian rhythm, our natural sleep-wake cycle. It
has also been said that the right amount of blue-light can elevate
mood, help memory, and improve cognitive functioning.

⁣Is Blue Light Damaging?

Blue Light has been a hot topic lately. You even may have
noticed blue light fighting products popping up in your skincare.
So, does that mean it’s damaging your skin? Well it seems that
there is mounting evidence that supports the idea that blue-light
wavelengths (the suns blue light) contributes to wrinkles,
worsening skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation.

Research studies are still ongoing, but so far the results
aren’t looking so good. One small study published in the
Journal of Investigative Dermatology
in 2010 found that
blue-light on the skin caused more pigment, redness, and swelling
than when the same person’s skin was exposed to comparable levels
of UVA rays. Another small study suggested that blue-light might
stimulate the production of free radicals in skin, which are known
to cause signs of aging.

Dermatologist and researchers have a pretty good idea that
visible light (the suns blue light) triggers skin conditions such
as melasma and accelerate signs of aging. However, we are not
certain how the blue light from our screens affects us.  

Blue-light protection sunscreen


To Recap: We know that blue-light from the sun can cause damage
to our skin, however it is still inconclusive as to whether or not
we need to worry the blue light from our screens too.

The most we can do right now is keep an eye out for more
conclusive findings, and invest in skincare products that have
blue-light protection (to be safe). We actually carry a line that
has blue-light protection throughout its whole line like:
ColoreScience. They have a powder brush-on sunscreen (with
blue-light protection) that can go right over your makeup!

It’s a good idea, not only for your skin but for your eyes, to
set your phone to go into “Night Mode” that turns off the blue
light within the phone.

⁣⁣For More Information:

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How Your Phone Could Be Damaging Your Skin
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