SENTE’S Newest Product Launch has its Eyes on the Prize

SENTE’S Newest Product Launch has its Eyes on the Prize

The Newest Eye Cream at ZONA

Dark under-eye circles tell the world that you are overtired. They make you look worn, weary and frankly, not the most youthful version of yourself. To make matters worse, sometimes getting more beauty sleep doesn’t help; the look of your under eyes could be hereditary.

Under-eye circles are among the hardest skin concern to address. The skin under the eyes is the thinnest on our whole body, and as we age, it only gets thinner. While fillers can certainly help, an at home treatment is important too.

There’s More to Dark Circles than Meets the Eye:

Dark circles, discoloration, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles are main concerns when it comes to the under eyes. They’re multiple mechanisms responsible for the development of these concerns.

The following diagram breaks down the main causes and mechanisms associated to the three major aging concern of the under eye area: Hyperpigmentation (dark circles and upper-eye lid discoloration), under-eye puffiness, lines and wrinkles.

Under eye causes

As you can see there a lot of different factors happening with aging of the eyes. But more specifically, there a lot of different colors combining to create those hard to treat dark circles. For a topical product to work, it has to address all of the colors as well as all of the symptoms of dark circles. This is where SENTE Illumine Eye Cream comes in.

SENTE’S Illumine Eye Cream

This eye cream is running circles around others when it comes to the treatment of pigmentation. The SENTE product line is based on the science of Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA), a proprietary glycosaminoglycan analog (GAGs). HSA is a patented low molecular weight heparan sulfate analog, which is a vital component of the skin. HSA provides structural support to the extracellular matrix, the largest component of normal skin.

In a clinical study, 93 percent of subjects agreed that SENTE Illumine Eye Cream improved the appearance of dark circles and left their skin feeling hydrated. Additionally, nearly three-quarters of subject agreed that SENTE Illumine Eye cream improved the appearance of under eye puffiness. These reports are based off of 12 weeks of use, however an improvement in the appearance of the skin around the eyes can be seen as early as 2 weeks.

Sounds super complex and scientific I know, but all we are really saying is that their technology works. The formulation is amazing for periorbital discoloration, and great at improving the appearance of wrinkles, creepiness, and puffiness. Our injector Michele puts it on clients after injection treatments, and they all see immediate wrinkle smoothing.

If you are someone who has been struggling with dark circles and upper lid discoloration, we highly recommend giving SENTE’s Illumine Eye Cream a try. Available for purchase right here at ZONA Med Spa.

For More Information:

For more information about SENTE’S Illumine Eye Cream contact us at ZONA Med Spa. Or book a complimentary consultation online by clicking here.

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